The following awards and recognition was given to Duana Malone aka “The Tech Queen” or one of the companies / organizations that was founded by her over a period of time. Duana is very humbled by the thoughtfulness of each award presenter.
Tech Queen received the Urban Chamber of Commerce “EMERGING SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR” AWARD!



2019 State of Nevada STEM Champion





 2018 “Technology Woman of the Year”

Event hosted at Zappos, Presented by National Center for Women in Technology,

Vegas Community Tech Fund

Sponsored by Texas Instrument, Society for Information Management, Zpace, Trend Micro, Cox Business,

Tech Impact, Diamond Group Marketing, Yelp.  Swag Sponsors: AT & T, Microsoft, UNLV, Best Buy, plus many more.




  Watch Video – Channel 8 News Features The Royal Tech Team



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The Tech Queen graduates from the “Gathering of the Eagles”

hosted at Alhatti Resort with Founders Al & Hattie Hollingsworth in Idyllwild, CA


 American Business Women Association Awarded April, 2017

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2017 North Las Vegas
2017 GMWA Guest Speaker
2017 Certificate of Completion (New Brunswick Theological Seminary)
2017 ABWA
2015 US Congressman Heck
2015 North Las Vegas
2015 Governor Recognition
2015 Dean Heller
2015 Clark County BOWD
2015 City of Las Vegas
2014 US Senator Heller
2014 US Senator Harry Reid
2014 US Senate
2014 US Congress
2014 Mayor's Office
2014 HUD
2014 Governor Office
2014 Commissioner Weekly
2014 Clark County
2014 City of Las Vegas
2014 Centennial Hills Hospital
2013 M.O.S.E.S.
2013 ABWA
2012 US Congresswoman Berkley
2012 Senator Horsford
2012 Clark County
2011 Veterans Administration
2011 US Senator Harry Reid
2011 Senatorial Certificate
2011 Clark County Business Development
2010 Holy Trinity AME
2007 Harrahs - Page 1
2007 - Harrahs Page 2
2003 Governor Letter
2001 US Senator Ensign Letter
2001 Proclamation
2001 Power 88 Letter